Local Wolves August Article

For years I have skimmed the pages of the Local Wolves magazine, blissfully unaware that I would one day be writing an article for them or have my portrait plastered on one of the pages. Luckily enough I was offered the chance to write an article based on the food culture of London and to show the best places to eat in the city; which did involve some research of sampling food, but I'm not complaining! Whilst working on this project I got to meet talented, enthusiastic chefs, buisness owners and workers who gave an interesting insight to their companies; it was amazing hearing them talk so passionately about the industry - such a Maitre Choux, Peggy Porschen and the Cereal Killer Cafe to name a few. One of the highlights was getting to work with the talented photographer Mila Austin without whom the stunning photographs would not have been possible. 

Local Wolves is an incredible online/print publication which give an insight to innovative people and the work they're doing to express there passion for different creative outlets. It was amazing to share the pages with talented individuals such as Aidan Alexander, Blake Steven and Lauren Riihimaki (Laurdiy) and previous cover stars include Troye Sivan, Amanda Stelle, Ben Brown, Alexa Losey and Charly Cox. You can read the August article here and purchase a physical copy here (which always look more instagram ready if you ask me).  

I would like to thank Cathrine Khom for the opportunity to write in such a unique magazine and share the hidden food gems of London with the readers.


  1. How awesome you had the opportunity to write for this magazine! I love your photos here.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Congrats! Your pictures are beautiful!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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