Birthday Celebrations at Ting, Shangri La - The Shard

Happy New Year! Any place where you can view the sights of the cityscape of London whilst eating far too much food and drinking overly expensive cocktails is a good time in my books! My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and after much deliberation of where the prettiest location would be, I decided that this would be the perfect excuse to go the the Shard, however the Sky Garden was a close second choice if you'd like to check out the breathtaking views. The sights 128 meters above the city makes your ears pop and takes your breath away... literally!
Our restaurant was called Ting at the Shangri La hotel which is located in the Shard, I found that out the hard way after going up to the 31th floor and having to come all the way back down and into a separate entrance, lovely little excursion though - so if you ever want to visit the shard and not eat just pop into the right hand side entrance and you can visit the 31st floor which is were the Aqua Shard restaurant is.
I decided to show you what I wore as I thought the occasion and dress code would be rather formal so I went with a lace dress which I had previously bought from ASOS (where else), and paired it with simple black tights and boots - which later were changed for stiletto heels, not such a great choice when walking on London's cobbles. 
Watch - Olivia Burton                        Dress - ASOS                            Earrings - Accessorize

To start I had an amaretto cocktail which consisted of passionfruit and amaretto and also came with little amaretto biscuits!

The Amuse Bouche was a celeriac soup, which, although it had the same texture as baby food, was gorgeous

Starter of salmon and caviar risotto

Traditional Christmas Dinner

Chocolate Yule Log

The entrance was sublimely decorated and we'll just pretend that when I entered through the magnificent archway they didn't all topple over and crash, causing the whole restaurant to look at me... typical.

I hope you all has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year, I'd highly recommend the visiting the Shard for any celebrations you have coming up!
Enjoy xx


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