Bluebird Chelsea

My friends and I have been meaning to go and visit Bluebird in Chelsea for a while now, not just because it has made a few appearances on Made in Chelsea, but because the food and atmosphere is meant to be sublime. As chef students you can imagine that all of our friends and family are now reluctant to go out for a meal with us because we are rather judgmental about the food. So on a cold March afternoon we marched down Kings Road in our heels and finally got a table at the beautiful Bluebird. 

The outfit I wore was inspired by the lovely blogger Arabella Golby [] and consisted of a trench cape coat, white pussy bow blouse and some vintage lace up boots which have been in my family for years. Feeling like Blair Waldorf I felt at ease in Chelsea, a place renowned for it's sophistication and opulence. 

Blouse: Warehouse link. Trench Cape: River Island link. Boots [similar] link.

The food in Bluebird was gorgeous, what we loved most of all was the atmosphere and decor, you cant go wrong with a blossom tree indoors. 

Although the waiters were subpar the food totally made up for it, perfect place for a catch up lunch

As you walk in, there is a magnificently large bar; from the price of the cocktails you'd expect them to be made of gold, but they tasted delicious and it was lovely to see them being made with such skill... of course we didn't mind paying, they were served in a strawberry!

If you're looking for somewhere to indulge for a lunch time treat, Bluebird is definitely the place to go, enjoy Xx


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